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Feeling stuck in a rut? 7 ways to get unstruck

  1. Look forward, not backwards

One of the first things to do to get unstuck is to imagine your future the way you want it.  Think of your goals and imagine yourself moving towards them.  Our past has shaped us; it does not define us.  Every lesson learnt along the way has helped to develop who we are.  We develop strength and resilience from our past experiences.  It is that strength and resilience that will allow us to step into the future we want for ourselves.

  1. Stop blaming yourself

It is hard to find the energy to move forward when we are in a negative frame of mind.  Blaming ourselves for decisions we made in the past brings our mood down and brings down our drive.  And drive is what we need to make changes.

The decisions you made in the past belong in the past.  You did the best you could at the time.  Now is a different time.  It’s your time now!

  1. You deserve to live the life you want

Getting unstuck starts with a mental shift: I have every right to the life I want.  I am worthy and deserving.  Give yourself permission to value the person you are, to nurture your dreams, your hopes and aspirations.  Give yourself permission to love yourself.  Treat yourself with the same kindness of spirit that you show others. When we feel worthy, we begin to claim the life we want.

  1. Take care of yourself

In this incredibly busy world with so many demands on our time, it is easy to try to find shortcuts.  Often we start cutting back on our personal time, our self-care time. Don’t!  You need to take care of yourself to be your best.  And if you are thinking it is selfish to take care of yourself, think of it this way: if you are at your best, you will be better able to show the care you want to others.  Being your best for you allows you to be your best for others.

  1. Start with one small change

So where do you start?  Start with something that is important and meaningful to you.  To some people, it is going to work out, for others time to read, for others still time to relax and go for a walk.  It does not matter what it is; the only thing that matters is that it is something you want.

The second thing that is important is to start with something that is doable.  Often, people set themselves big goals and are then disappointed if they don’t reach those goals, making them feel they don’t have the resources to get unstuck. Start with setting aside a short period of time every day for you.  It’s your time to do something for you.  The energy you get from the positive feelings of doing something meaningful builds momentum and will help you find the confidence to set more ambitious goals, one step at a time.

  1. Recognize the value of what you do

So many of us have that inner voice that puts us down, robbing us of the feelings of accomplishment we deserve.  When that inner voice says, “it’s no big deal,” remind yourself that every step you take is a step worth celebrating.  Recognize your efforts and build on your successes.  Give yourself credit for what you do, just as you would for someone else.

  1. Hope and gratitude

A positive frame of mind will help you keep moving forward.  A sense of hope for the future and gratitude for the simple joys of life helps nurture a sense of well-being.  Appreciating the good things in our lives opens the door to experiencing fully present moments and keeps the hope of our dreams and aspirations alive.  Hope and gratitude light up the path to making our vision of the life we aspire to a reality.


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